Check BSTC Exam Pattern 2019 Online ,BSTC Syllabus 2019

Applicants need to get ready with most recent exam example and PDF prospectus to accomplish great imprints. Most recent exam example and schedule for BSTC 2019 is accessible on our site. BSTC 2019 inquiry paper is isolated into 4 area. Each area conveys 200 MCQ questions conveying 3 denotes each. No negative checking. This is uplifting news that there is no negative stamping for the examination of BSTC 2019. The question paper will be separated into 4 areas and all have 50 questions and most extreme imprints 150 each subject:..

General familiarity with Rajasthan: 

  • Chronicled Aspect 
  • Political Aspect 
  • Workmanship, Culture
  • Monetary Aspect
  • Geological Aspect 
  • Society Life 
  • Social Aspect 
  • The travel industry Aspect 
  • Writing Aspect 

Mental Ability:

  • Thinking 
  • Similarity 
  • Segregation 
  • Relationship 
  • Investigation Logical Thinking 

Educating Aptitude: 

  • Educating Learning 
  • Initiative Quality 
  • Imagination, Continuous 
  • Far-reaching Evaluation 
  • Relational abilities 
  • Proficient Attitude 
  • Social Sensitivity 

Dialect Ability: English (20 Questions, greatest 60 marks): 

  • Perception 
  • Spotting Errors 
  • Portrayal 
  • Relational words, Articles 
  • Connectives 
  • Adjustment of Sentence 
  • Sort of Sentences 
  • Sentence Completion 
  • Tense 
  • Equivalent word, Antonym 
  • Single-word Substitution 
  • Spelling Errors. 
  • There is division among Hindi and Sanskrit. Both have 30 questions and greatest 90 marks. 

Step by step instructions to Check BSTC Exam Pattern/Syllabus 2019 

  • Go to the official site 
  • Check ink of BSTC prospectus 
  • Download PDF 
  • You can download in English/Hindi 
  • Take a printout of it 

Segment A: psychological Ability : 50 Questions – most extreme 150 imprints 

Thinking, Analogy, Discrimination, relationship, examination, legitimate reasoning

Area B: 50 Questions: 150 imprints 

Recorded viewpoint, political Aspect, Art culture and writing angle, monetary perspective, land perspective,, society life, Social Aspect, the travel industry viewpoint

Area C: Teacher Aptitude: Total no of Questions 50, most extreme imprints 150 

Showing learning, initiative quality, Creativity, nonstop and exhaustive assessment, relational abilities, proficient mentality, social affectability

Segment D: dialect Ability: add up to No of Questions 50 

Section 1 : English 20 Questions – 60 marks

Rajasthan BSTC 2019 paper design 

  • Mental capacity: 150 imprints 
  • General attention to Rajasthan: 150 imprints 
  • Showing fitness: 150 imprints 
  • Dialect capacity 
   (I) English: 60 marks 
(ii) Sanskrit or Hindi: 90 marks

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